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LED Lamp Aging Equipment

LED lamp aging equipment is electrical equipment, safety is very important. In the production of LED lamp aging line equipment, be sure to note the following:

1, Electrical equipment and protective measures

LED lamp aging equipment, is by electrical high, low impact aging. Please select the appropriate device. At the same time, do not neglect the isolation transformer. Because the isolation transformer give the company a guarantee of security.

2, Transportation and packaging

Packaging use special waterproof packaging films and wooden box; Zhongshan xinhe has invited a famous logistics company, purchase equipment transportation insurance, ensuring the equipment new to the client company.

3, Equipment production and assembly processes

From welding to assembly must do every aspect to excellence, welding strong and solid, no distortion, no false welding. When assembling, each screw must be tightened with a flat pad and spring washer, making equipment more perfect and more secure.

4, Materials

When purchasing equipment rank, select the national standard steel. LED lamp aging equipment rack must be firmly.

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