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Why Wave Soldering Machine May Catch Fire?

Wave soldering machine is very common and important welding equipment, it is very important in the whole process of production activities. However, for some reasons, you will find wave soldering machine caught fire. This will cause production pause and damage to the wave soldering machine. Here to tell you about the causes about the fire of wave soldering machine:

1, Preheating temperature is too low before operating. The operating temperature suddenly rises will be prone to catch fire;

2, The device is not equipped with air knife or air knife clogging, resulting in no hot air exhaust equipment, causing fire;

3, Excessive flux coating equipment. At runtime cause dripping flux on heat tube, causing fire.

In daily life to pay attention to cleanliness and care of wave soldering machine, to be able to extend the useful life of equipment as much as possible. Save costs for manufacturers.

Wave Soldering Machine

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