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How to Select Reflow Soldering Machine?

Reflow soldering machine is a common equipment, can be widely used in the production process of the electronic device. But there are still many manufacturers not knowing how to choose reflow, sometimes inappropriate choice even impact the entire production results. Here to tell you about the reflow soldering machine selection method.

First, we must understand clearly the type of equipment, models and types of this equipment, it can take a lot of technology or traits to divide.

Secondly, we should do about their work. How much space you have, the power supply capacity, as well as with the material and the expected productivity, production results and financial ability to accept more. To carry out a reasonable screening device according to these requirements.

Of course, qualified enterprises can also customize yourself some reflow soldering equipment, and this can help to produce products that fully meet the requirements of you.


Reflow Soldering Machine

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