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What are the Differences Between Soldering Reflow Machine and Wave Soldering Machine?

General soldering machine is mainly divided into two categories: reflow slodering machine and wave soldering machine, today mainly to tell you about what is the difference between them.

Reflow soldering machine, is mainly by re-melting the cream solder, so there is a reliable circuit functions. Wave soldering machine is mainly to melt the soldering material, through the electric pump jet to the design requirements solder wave, making previously have PCB of electronic components through the solder wave.

Reflow soldering is not required to be directly immersed in the molten solder in the components, so the element impact will be small. But the wave soldering machine is required.

Reflow soldering only need to add some solder on some important parts, so you can save a lot of solder. And it can control the volume of solder. Wave soldering is a welded by high-temperature heating, from the function, it can be divided into lead and lead-free.

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