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How to Properly Operate Automatic Test Instrument for LED Power Supply

LED Lamps should be checked before delivery by automatic test instrument for LED power supply, and what the problems should be pay attention in the course of the operation of this device? How can achieve the correct operation of this device? Here, Zhongshan Xinhe will explain in detail:

First make sure the device operate properly to avoid accidents and interruption of normal operation. And in the equipment operation process we must be careful not to open the casing of the device, to avoid electric shock and other accidents, equipment operation interrupted, causing casualties.

Second, before the device is detected by the test object, you should cut off the power supply. And after testing, first cut off the power supply of the test object, and then unloaded to avoid electric shock.

Finally, after all the testing is complete, to turn off the switch, turn off the power, put away the tested product. Clean up the site.

Above is to introduce how to properly operate automatic test instrument for LED power supply. Hope can help to equipment operation.


Automatic test instrument for LED power supply

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