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Processing Method of Reflow Soldering Machine Emergencies

Reflow soldering machine processing in the factory often encounter some unexpected incidents, and at this time how to make proper treatment as soon as possible to resume normal production activities. The following Zhongshan Xinhe Electronic Equipment Co., Ltd for everyone to introduce some emergency treatment.

First, if there is a case of pallets in the welding process, need to timely stop to send board to the device. Immediately stop the equipment, open the lid and remove the board checking the reason for maintenance. And if the device alarm situation should be promptly discontinued behavior, then checking the reason.
Secondly if power failure phenomenon during the welding process, you need to stop sending board behavior. And when surface mount board to run to mouth to remove it, after cooling to stop the device.
These are some emergency situations of reflow soldering machine as we introduce how to deal with, I hope this can help manufacturers of production activities.

Reflow Soldering Machine

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