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Maintenance Projects For Reflow Soldering Machine Per Month

The Maintenance Projects For Reflow Soldering Machine should be written by the person,
Ⅱ Must be clean the inner of the machine for 5S per month,
Ⅲ Maintenance and protect power supply circuit and ventilation pipe every week,
Ⅳ Add lubricants for moving parts every two weeks to ensure move smoothly,
Ⅴ Test the every temperature part of reflow soldering machine as standard reflow soldering machine every two weeks, the testing data is used for testing and checking the temperature,
Ⅵ When receiving the repairing notice, the machine protector must arrive in the first time and check and repair the machine,
Ⅶ After maintenance the machine as reflow soldering equipment, the worker must write the work summary and signed by the related person.

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