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What is SMT!

SMT is a surface mount technology which is mainly used in the following several machines.

 1.printer principle:Fully Automatic SMT Stencil Printer

   Fully automatic SMT stencil printer with common, for example, it can do printing machinery works described as follows: transmission of power through the transmission mechanism, so that the solder paste extrusion presses and screen scraper plate in motion, so that screen printing plates and printed PCB board to form a nip, because stencil with tension, the force generated on the blade presses F2, resilient mesh screen so that in addition to nip outside contact with the PCB is not , in the paste extrusion force F1 of the blade, through the mesh, moving from the printing nip to the PCB missing thereby to complete the printing operation.

  2.reflow soldering mahinetop reflow soldering machine

   When the PCB into the heating zone (preheating zone), the solder paste, the solvent was evaporated gas, while the flux wetting solder pad and pin end components, solder paste softens slump cover the pad, the pad pin and oxygen components isolation; PCB into (heating zone) when making the PCB and components are fully preheated to prevent PCB suddenly into the welding zone heating and excessive damage per PCB devices; when the PCB into (reflow area), the temperature rose rapidly to reach a molten state so that the solder paste, liquid solder pads on the PCB, components and pin ends wetting, diffusion, overland flow or reflow solder joint formed by mixing; PCB into the (cooling zone), so that solder solidification, complete reflow.

   3.wave soldering machine wave soldering machine

   Wave soldering is molten liquid solder, with the role of the pump in the solder bath surface to form a specific shape of the solder wave, plug on the PCB and the conveyor chain components, through a particular angle and a certain depth of immersion spot welding process is achieved through the solder wave.


   Its principle is to patch the needle with plastic tube, head tube attached to the needle plastic mouth, and then the needle is mounted on the dispenser, the dispenser controlled by a computer program to automatically assign glue to the PCB specified location




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