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The difference of wave soldering machines.

Currently, the way to stop preheat of wave soldering machines is thermal radiation, which is not only the fastest way to warm-up, but also the most effective, as the most fundamental of welding technology, its manufacturing process is different from others.

1, technical requirements of the wave soldering process is more complex, that the board slots must be through a preheating zone before tin bath. At the welding time it needs some thermostat, so it is a complex process.

2, the kinds of welding is more, the different methods have different characteristics, so the process is more complex.

Wave soldering machine can be divided into many types according to different temperatures. Thus, it is possible to see the effect of temperature on the wave soldering is big.

If the temperature is low, lead-free wave soldering machine activity will deteriorate, while the external tension increases, so it is easy to form a weld defects, loss the advantage of wave soldering machine should have. If the temperature is high, it is possible to cause a component damage, accelerate the oxidation of solder.

Therefore, control the temperature range, to ensure the degree of influence on the wave soldering temperature.

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