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Wave Soldering Machine Produced Tin Slag

Molten tin in the wave soldering machine contact area with the air, the bigger contact area, the greater tin oxide, the contact area with the air means the opening area of wave soldering tin stove, the opening area of wave soldering tin furnace melting tin is larger, the connect area with air is larger. Spray tin width and height, width and length of the foot board welding job, then you must width-modulated wave soldering spray tin mouth, spray tin height adjusted as high as possible, so that the contact area with the molten tin will air becomes large, so that the tin oxide slag naturally increased.
For this situation, wave soldering put spray tin highly technical parameters targets only 0 ~ 12mm, customers are advised to short leg during welding operations; Wave soldering tin stove opening area become small, Thereby reducing the contact area throughout the molten tin and air.

Wave Soldering (Short-lead Operation)

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