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Let me tell you what is reflow soldering machine.

Reflow soldering machine, also called "Reflow oven". It is the equipment that through heating to melt the solder paste so that the surface mount components and the PCB pads to be combined reliably by solder alloy. According to the development of technology, it is divided into:vapor phase reflow soldering machine, infrared reflow soldering machine, infrared reflow soldering machine, infrared heating air reflow soldering machine and full hot air reflow soldering machine, water-cooled reflow soldering machine. Reflow soldering core aspect is the use of external heat source heating and melting the solder to flow infiltration again to complete the circuit board soldering.

Reflow soldering machine consist of control system ( control system uses PC PLC HMI ( Human Machine Interface ) mode ), hot air system( supercharged forced circulation hot air heating system , front and rear return air , to prevent the temperature range of the airstream, ensure the temperature uniformity and heating efficiency; special high temperature motor , speed frequency is adjustable), cold air system( forced air-cooled and water-cooled structure, cooling zone temperature display is adjustable ), body, transmission system.

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