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Precautions of SMT Printing Machine

1. In automatic operation, hands must stay away from automatic printing.
2. When SMT printing machine are running, operation site must have worker.
3. When scraper head dropped, please do not touch the hands or other objects.
4. When an error occurs, or need to repair, check whether to stop the operation.
5. Before inspection and maintenance, be sure to turn off the main power switch, and wait 3-5 minutes to ensure that the device has completely shut down, then we can start to repair.
6. Machine maintenance should set warning signs, it indicates the status of the machine to prevent activating. Once the maintenance work is completed, should be checked to ensure that the device has been fully installed and functioning properly.
7. Determine the standard maintenance period and clean residual paste.
8. Dedicated disk of device is prohibited for other uses, prohibited device-independent operation on the device, not free to modify the machine parameters and program files.
9. Use the air to go through the filter, remove dust, moisture and oil.

SMT Printing Machine

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