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LED Lighting Aging Line Power Maintenance

LED lighting aging line power maintenance is divided into three areas.
First, repair and maintenance of motor head, do not make the motor into water, it can not increase diesel and liquid organic compound in the motor, otherwise would damage the motor insulation to show problems. Maintenance approach of speed head is similar to motor.
Second, machine head gear box repair and maintenance, for the first time in about three months will let go of oil in the gearbox, wash the gearbox with diesel or gasoline, add a new lubricating oil after the release of the net. After that, change the lubricating oil every year, too much lubricating oil may lead to gearbox generate heat, motor overload will cause the motor maintenance switch tripped.
Third, repair and maintenance of chain, after long-term operation of the chain, the original lubricating oil will heat and evaporate, so that the chain is not balanced in operation, the sound increased. Then you can open the seal plate of the tail, add a little butter or concentrated lubricants. 

LED Lighting Aging Line

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