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New and Used Reflow Soldering Machines Difference Analysis

Used reflow soldering machines are circulating in the market, the final reasons are the factory replaced with new equipment, collapse or restructuring and other factors. What the difference between new and used reflow soldering machine?
The biggest advantage of used reflow soldering machine is cheap, but because of the use of second-hand reflow machine for a long time, there will be the problem of aging, generate heat will cause the machine high power loss, and the sale service is no guarantee, these are will affect production efficiency and production quality.
Use the new reflow soldering equipment, first in terms of energy consumption will be less than second-hand reflow soldering machine, so the use of the new reflow soldering equipment can save electricity price. Secondly, secondary reflow be replaced certainly exist some problems, so in terms of quality is not as good as new equipment. 

Reflow Soldering Machine

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