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Adverse Wave Soldering

 Wave soldering machine appears some problems inevitably in the soldering, we need to understand the causes of these problems and solutions to these.
It is not be accepted to occur poor wetting during welding, it severely not only reduces durability and elongation of solder, but also reduces conductivity and thermal conductivity of the solder.
There are three main reasons.
1.Printed circuit boards and components are contaminated by external contamination of oil, paint, grease, etc. These pollutants can be cleared by an appropriate cleaning method, we can choose to be cleaned with cleaning agents;
2.The printed circuit boards and components be oxidized severely. When this happens, we can carry out welding operations with strong activity flux, or cleaning the copper foil surface, the element end line. And also avoid long-term storage of lines and device.
3.Weldability of flux  is poor. We should research quality of flux.


Wave Soldering Machine

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