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Development of Reflow Soldering Equipment

Reflow soldering equipment can be divided into five stages of development.
The first generation: heat plate conduction Reflow soldering equipment, heat transfer efficiency is slowest, 5-30 W / m2K ( different materials have different heating efficiency ). Such reflow oven heated rely on conveyor belt by heat conduction. Its structure is simple and the price is cheap.
The second generation: Infrared radiation reflow equipment, heat transfer efficiency is slow, 5-30W / m2K, color of components have a large influence on the heat absorption.
The third generation: hot air reflow equipment, heat transfer efficiency is relatively high, 10-50 W / m2K, no shadow effect, color has no effect on heat absorption.
The fourth generation: vapor phase soldering also called condensation soldering, vapor phase soldering is mainly used for thick film hybrid integrated circuits, It is the ideal welding process of chip components and PLCC devices.
The fifth generation: vacuum vapor condensation soldering systems, heat transfer efficiency is the best high, 300 W-500W / m2K, it can remains stationary during welding process, cooling effect is excellent, color has no effect on heat absorption. 


reflow soldering machine

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