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Knowledge of SMT Printing Presses

With the rapid development of e-business, in the electronics industry, research and creation advanced equipment is highly competitive. The SMT printing machine is very popular currently, we talk about some knowledge of the SMT printing press.
Why should we use SMT printing machine? Electronic products pursue miniaturization, previous perforation plug element has been unable to narrow; Electronic product features are more complete, integrated circuit (IC) is no perforating element, especially large-scale, highly integrated IC, we have to adopt production automation, producing high-quality products to meet customer needs and enhance market competitiveness.
There are three main ways of SMT printing machine. The first is dispensing mode, dispensing is the use of compressed air, make the red dot on the substrate through special dispensing head, the size and number of adhesive spots are controlled by time, tube diameter and other parameters, dispensing way has flexible feature. The second printing is that according to the type of substrate performance parts to determine stencil engraved hole. The advantage is high efficiency. The third way is turn the needle, special needle is dipped in a shallow plastic tray, each needle has a plastic point, when the gel-point contact with the substrate, will be out of the needle, amount of glue can be changed by needle shape and diameter. 


SMT Printing Machine

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