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The Difference between Reflow and Wave Soldering

Welding technology plays a very important role in the assembly of electronic products. General welding divided into two categories: reflow and wave soldering.

Wave soldering make tin dissolved into a liquid, use motor agitation forms a ridge, so that let the PCB and parts welded together. Generally used in hand widget welding and SMT glue boards. Reflow soldering mainly used in SMT industry, through hot air or other thermal radiation conduction, melted solder paste will be welded with the parts.

They are also used different devices, wave soldering use wave soldering machine, reflow soldering use reflow soldering machine.

Both differ in the process, wave soldering need spray flux, and then after preheating, welding, the cooling zone. Reflow soldering need preheating zone, the recirculation zone, the cooling zone.

In addition, the wave soldering is suitable for hand card and point sheet, and require all elements to heat. SMT solder paste on the board can only be had reflow, can not use wave soldering. wave soldering is used to weld plug elements, and reflow soldering is used to weld mount components!


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