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What Are The Characteristics of SMT Technology?

SMT is an abbreviation for Surface Mounted Technology, it is the most popular form of technology and processes in electronics assembly industry currently. It will compress the traditional electronic components into a volume of only a few one-tenth of the device, in order to achieve high density, high reliability, small size, low cost, and production about automation assembly of electronic products. This small component called: SMY device (also known as SMC, chip devices), the process that make the originals fitd to printing known as SMT, Related assembly equipment is referred to as SMT equipment.

SMT Features:

1. High density assembly, light weight, electronic products have small size, generally after using SMT, the volume of electronic products is reduced by 40% -60% , the weight is reduced by 60% -80%;

2. High reliability, strong anti-vibration, solder joint defect rate is low;

3. The high-frequency characteristics is good, and reduce the electromagnetic and radio frequency interference;

4. Easy to automate, improve production efficiency and reduce costs by up to 30% -50%. Saving material costs, energy, equipment, manpower and time.

At present, advanced electronic products, especially in the computer and communications electronics products, SMT printing machine widely used SMT technology. As time goes on, SMT technology will be more and more popular.

SMT Printing Machine

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