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Wave Soldering Machine Process

Wave soldering make melted solder paste sprayed stream into the solder wave through an electric pump or electromagnetic pump, pre-loaded with electronic components PCB achieve soft soldering between the welding end of components and PCB pad mechanical and electrical connections through solder wave.

Different machines use different crest, wave soldering machine can be divided into many species. From the function, wave soldering is divided into lead wave soldering, lead-free wave soldering and Nitrogen wave soldering. From the structure, a wave soldering is divided into spray, preheating, tin stove, cooled four parts.

Wave soldering machine process: the element is inserted into the hole of corresponding elements → precoated flux → prebake (temperature 90-1000C, length 1-1.2m) → wave soldering (220-2400C) → removal of excess widget pin → check.

Wave Soldering Machine

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