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Process Control of Reflow Soldering

The purpose of process control is to achieve desired quality and at the lowest possible cost, previously, the process control focused on the detection of the missing maek to improve the quality, with the development of reflow soldering machine, the most fundamental meaning of control are continuously monitored for the various processes, and find out the deviation does not meet the requirements.

Process control is an ability to obtain the relevant data in specific operation affect the final result. If there are problems, you can receive real-time information to take corrective action, and adjust the process to the best condition immediately. Monitor the actual data is the real process control, which means to each part are monitored.

Automatic reflow management system form a complete package with a continuous SPC histograms, line balancing network, documentation, and product tracking, and can detect process data in real time automatically, then make a judgment to affect product cost and quality. The basic feature of automatic reflow management system is to detect automatically and to collect data accurately.


Reflow Soldering Machine

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