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How to Identify The LED Aging?

LED lighting aging line testing in quality control is a very important part, but often is overlooked, it can not be carried aging test correctly and effectively.

LED aging patterns include constant current aging and constant voltage aging, constant current aging is the most consistent with the operating characteristics of the LED current.

1. Characteristics of the LED close to the stable diode, for security, under ordinary circumstances the use of tandem current limiting resistor. The booster circuit is a good way, you can also use a simple constant current circuit, in short, must automatically limit, otherwise it will damage the LED.

2. General LED peak current is 50 ~ 100mA, reverse voltage at 6V, careful not to exceed this limit, especially in the battery no load, If you exceed this limit, damaged the LED.

3. LED temperature characteristic is not good, the temperature rise 5 ℃, the luminous flux decline of 3%, especially summer we should pay more attention.

4. Operating voltage discrete is large, same model, same batch of LED operating voltage has some differences, should not be used in parallel. If you must use in parallel, it should take full account of current sharing situation.

LED Lighting Aging Line  


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