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How to maintain the LED lighting assembly line?

LED lighting assembly line maintenance is tricky for consumers, what are correct and effective assembly line maintenance methods?

1.the line during the shutdown, the best switching modulation to zero, when the goods have the power to prevent physical slide on the belt, resulting in some non-core to the loss.

2.the line under normal circumstances is rectilinear, do not push it bent, so as to avoid the belt running side. If the belt running side, rubbing the side of the case and the like, the best time to find professionals for debugging.

3.when the LED lighting assembly line equipment for routine work, such as using a knife or sharp object to cut to avoid bad belt; and prohibited items into the upper and lower belt in the middle.

4.the conveyor belt drive device, the motor can not water, to keep the machine dry if the long-term need, in order to avoid a short circuit burned out.

5.should always check the gear oil is enough, by a machine outside a small round window you can see. If the oil is not enough will cause the internal gear friction increases, long-term wear gear grinding damage will lead to unusable. Under normal circumstances when the device for six months or a year later replaced once the oil is best to avoid unnecessary wear and tear on the assembly line.

Through proper maintenance methods, you can extend the life of assembly line to a large extent, reduce unnecessary losses and improve production efficiency.


LED lighting assembly line

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