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ATE-806LB connected board automatic test system
ATE-806LB connected board automatic test system

ATE-806LB connected board automatic test system belong to household electrical appliances production equipment.

ATE-806LB connected board automatic test systems used in switching power supply, LED driver power supply and repaired wave solder connected board test in production, sub-board after tested, reduce the number of sub-board test, enhance efficiency;In response to customer test requirements, system can be divided into 6 connected board, 8 connected board 10 connected board, 12 connected board series, each can be expanded additional hardware and to add a new test project; graphical user interface (Windows98/2000/NT/XP operating environment)
1.Systems Functional Description
1,ATE-806LB connected board automatic test systems, the most reliable automatic test system to test switching power supply of production line, able to test 6-12 connected board PCB, high test efficiency, greatly increase the line testing capacity.
2,The system software is powerful, easy to operate, easy to use, consistent production line requirements.
ATE-806LB connected board automatic test systems software has reporting, statistical analysis and management capabilities, can produce a variety of test reports for system management, to meet the modernization quality assurance and production line requirements.
Addition, the system can also be connected with the shop-floor system, to control the production process.
2.Main Test Items

Boot test
voltage regulation test
Voltage, current test
Power factors test
Dynamic testing
OCP test and so on
Current regulation test
Comprehensive regulation tests
Power, efficiency test
Short circuit test
Static tests(DC output voltage / current)

Output Characteristics

DC output voltage
Peak-peak noise
DC output current
RMS noise
In-test adjustment

Input Characteristics

Input inrush curren
Input power factor
Input harmonic voltage
Input power, no load/full
Input curren
Input harmonic current
Real-time and instantaneous

Rise time
Hold-up time
Fall time
Turn-on time

Protection test

Short test
OP protection
OL protection
Input with pewter short circuit protection


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